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If someone came up to you today and said, “Hey! Want front row seats to the Big Bang?” You’d most likely reply with a resounding “Hell yeah!” But of course if someone came to you before the Big Bang, before anyone knew what it was and the impact it would have, you’d probably shrug it off. Reality loopholes in my story aside, that’s the impact we plan to have. A little cocky, yes. But no one wants to live out mediocre dreams.

We’re in beta right now and have yet to iron out a few bugs, get all our site features lined up and fully assemble our team. That said, it’s still an important stage. The more people that sign up, the better the outcome will be. So, who wants a free ticket to the beginnings of a great site?

One Ticket Please!

Not just yet? Then check out the features we have to offer below.


Drive up your Score!



Around here points are always good to have. It’s great to have a whole bunch, feels good earning more, and down the road you’ll get to spend it in raffles and giveaways. So start saving now!




As gamers, we know achievements all too well. They’re badges of honor and we wear them with pride. There’s more coming all the time and we even take suggestions for more! Think you’ve got a great idea for one? Sound off in the Meta forum and let it be known.



Achievements can come in two kinds. Events happen automatically, just for signing up you get your n00b achievement! You can check out the whole list below. But keep in mind not all are listed, some are hidden achievements. Awards however are harder to come by. They are given out specially by our team once we see you’ve done something to earn them.

Events VS. Awards


Sound off


This is where we take an approach you may not be used to. There are nine groups total, of which have a few tabs. While you’ll want to explore the groups, one of the most important tabs is the forum for that particular group. But first to take part of our community you’ll have to hit the join button for the groups you’re interested in.



Once you’ve joined the groups you like you’re ready to get involved in our forums. Just one piece of advice here. Don’t be a jerk. Talk about whatever you like but be respectful of others and their opinions. Let’s grow out of the fanboy stereotypes and just enjoy video games, shall we? That doesn’t mean you can’t have heated debates, oh no. We like those. It just means don’t be a jerk.


My kind of People

About Super PolyPixel

Super PolyPixel was conceived after a night of wishing there were better outlets for gaming news. Not the regurgitated news you see over and over, but original opinions. After pooling resources, a year of being a tumblr only site, and massive amounts of hours poured into this pipe dream, we’re finally here. We plan to do it the right way. And it feels nice.

Why are you in Beta?

Well we might be in beta for a while, who knows! But as it stands we’re not satisfied. We’re perfectionists and want to be the best we possibly can before coming out of beta.

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